Not fit to be President? Think again

We’re taking criticism from the other side saying that Hillary is unqualified and unfit to be president. What a ridiculous idea! Hillary Clinton has spent her entire life fighting on behalf children, families, small businesses and entrepreneurs.

As President of the United States she will be able to bring that passion and advocacy back to the global stage on behalf of all Americans. Here are just a few examples of Hillary acting on behalf of entrepreneurs and individuals worldwide:

  • She was a pioneering voice on Internet freedom when she was Secretary of State, as a key player in the launch of the Global Entrepreneurship Program
  • Hillary launched public-private partnerships with mobile phone operators around the world to cut the gender gap of phone ownership by 50%
  • As First Lady, she discovered that 2 million people were dying each year from indoor air pollution caused from cookstoves. So, as Secretary of State she conceived and launched a hugely successfull Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves. It is on track to have 100 million distributed by 2020!

Submit your own idea on how President Hillary Clinton can best help entrepreneurs, and tell us why you’re an Entrepreneur for Hillary!

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