Four More Reasons To Vote For Hillary: Immigration Reform

By November 4, 2016Uncategorized

As our countdown to Election Day continues, we have only four days left until America votes Hillary into office! Be sure to either vote early, or know where you’re going on Tuesday — find your nearest polling location here. In today’s installment of our Five Days, Five Reasons campaign, we at Entrepreneurs for Hillary are proud to announce reason number four: Immigration Reform.

Reason #4: Immigration Reform

In stark contrast to her opponent, who claims that Mexican immigrants “bring crime, drugs,” and “are rapists,” Hillary knows the value of immigration to invigorate our economy and enrich the culture of the United States, a nation empowered by its diversity.

As president, Hillary has vowed to:

Hillary realizes that America is nation of immigrants, and how we treat our immigrant population is an indicator of our country’s moral standing. If immigration reform is an important issue to you, share reason #4 with your friends — if they’re undecided now, they won’t be by Election Day.

Click Here To Find Out More About Hillary Clinton’s Plan for Immigration Reform

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