Hillary stands with entrepreneurs.
She stands with America.

Hillary on Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are the engines of growth in our economy, and the foundation of the American dream. Entrepreneurs bring new ideas to old problems. American entrepreneurship gave us the automobile, the light bulb, the airplane and the internet, along with countless other innovations that have improved the way we live our lives. Entrepreneurs create millions of jobs.

However, a culture of innovation doesn’t happen by accident. It must be fostered, nurtured, and allowed to grow. Entrepreneurs know that a great idea is the first of many steps on the path to success. In order to succeed, entrepreneurs need access to capital, and the ability to hire top talent and tap new markets. They must be unencumbered by red tape, and allowed to focus on innovation rather than administration.

Hillary Clinton has the experience, ability and drive to build the bipartisan support that entrepreneurs need from our leaders. She will work tirelessly to create an environment where entrepreneurs have every possible opportunity not only to succeed, but to thrive in the global marketplace. This is Hillary’s vision for American entrepreneurship in the 21st century.

Entrepreneurs by the Numbers

  • Over 400,000 entrepreneurs start new businesses each year.
  • 13% of American adults are involved in startups
  • 12 million Americans are employed by venture-backed companies.
  • Entrepreneurs generate 16 times more patents than large companies.

Hillary’s Vision

Entrepreneurs Need More Capital

Hillary will leverage the best ideas from the private sector and government to give entrepreneurs access to financing so that they can build, grow, and hire. Hillary also will provide targeted tax relief to reduce the risk of starting and running a business.

Entrepreneurs Need The Best Trained People

Hillary knows we need to make college affordable again. American universities are the best in the world, but our graduates are drowning in debt. Since 1978, college tuition and fees have risen by 1225%, more than four times faster than the rate of inflation.

Hillary Clinton knows that the the hardest part of going to college shouldn’t be having to pay for it. To help, she has proposed a $350 billion college affordability plan aimed at reducing in-state tuition costs, simplifying FAFSA applications and federal loan repayment. She wants to hold colleges to higher standards of transparency around issues such as graduation rates, likely earnings, and debt load so that families can make better-informed decisions when choosing a school.

Hillary is an advocate for increased STEM education in schools, and for ensuring that all students are encouraged to participate in STEM classes.

Finally, Hillary has the skill and ideas to get smart, bipartisan immigration reform done.

Entrepreneurs Need Open Markets

Hillary gets it. She knows that America’s entrepreneurs can out-innovate anyone if they are given a fair chance. Hillary Clinton has the experience and track record to enable entrepreneurs to expand to untapped markets at home and across the globe. Her experience and track record as Secretary of State in prying open foreign markets for American goods, and her commitment to working with Mayors and Governors across our nation, will give entrepreneurs a level playing field.

Entrepreneurs Need Simple Government

Regulations, tax filings and licenses all delay and distract an entrepreneur from growing their business – fast. Hillary will launch a nationwide effort to cut red tape for entrepreneurs at every level of government.


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